Cookie Policy

last updated on 01-02-2021

Cyver uses “cookies” and “Cookie-like techniques” for our Properties and Services. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer’s local hard drive when you visit a web property. The cookies we use are intended to offer you a better and more secure experience. A cookie does not identify your personal information, only information regarding the computer you use. 

You may disable or opt out of cookies on Cyver Services or Properties. Doing so may reduce the functionality and usability of our Properties and Services. 

Cyver uses cookies and cookie-like techniques to maintain better security, for authentication, to enable certain features, to monitor traffic, and to enable general functionality. In some cases, we also use cookies and cookie-like properties for marketing and customer communication purposes. 

Authentication – “Session ID” cookies are used to automate data entry, verify your account, and determine when you’re logged in. 

Security – We utilize cookies to review how people access our site, so that we can offer better security, maintain our terms of service, and protect users. 

Functionality – Cookies enable functionality for user support, such as user authentication, log-in dates, and access dates. These cookies typically allow us to save your user preferences. 

Third Party Cookies – We utilize third-party cookies for our advertising and marketing. This party applications may collect data including number of visitors, how users came to the website, which website you came from, total number of times users visited the site, duration of stay, etc. All cookie data is anonymized to the fullest possible extent and cannot be traced back to an individual. We store this data for a maximum of 26 months in the respective third-party application. 

Analytics – We utilize cookies to better understand how people use our website and application, with the intent of improving those services.

Social Media – We implement cookies for sharing information on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Advertising/Marketing – To ensure we can provide the most relevant offers, we keep track of how visitors use our website. We also use this information to draw up user profiles and to improve our Properties and Services. Cookies may be placed to ensure we can show you advertisements via third-party networks such as Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Cookie-Like Techniques

Cyver makes use of several “Cookie-Like” techniques including Web Beacons or Tracking Pixels, Local and Session Storage, and SDKs. These are standard internet techniques, typically delivered alongside cookies, to ensure the system can collect and send information. 

No data collected by cookies or cookie-like techniques is or can be used to identify a person. This data is anonymized as much as possible, only used for specific stated purposes, and used to improve the quality of the Cyver service. 


Cyver reserves the right to change the Cookie Policy without notice. Therefore, we encourage you to consult this page, so that you remain aware of the latest version. Subscribers will be informed via email when important changes are made to this Cookie Policy. 

Cyver Properties and Services are utilized by third-parties and link out to third parties. Cyver is not responsible for managing your personal information via these parties. Please read the privacy statements of any websites you are visiting or any organizations you are doing business with.