Premium Service Level Agreement

Last update: 8-7-2021

Subscribers opting into our Premium Support service package, either through an Enterprise Level Subscription Plan or a Subscription Upgrade fall under the following Premium Service Level Agreement.

Response Times 

Support includes coverage for one Contract Owner per subscription, unless previously defined and agreed upon in a Contract or Written Agreement. 


Report Category Description Response Times Reporting
10 Cyver Core is no longer available or offers limited availability, due to a Fault or issue on the side of Cyver 2 Hours (Service Hours/Special Service Hours) Telephone, Email
20 A Fault resulting in serious application errors, jeopardizing essential features or usage for one or a few Subscribers. Subscribers can still access most or a large part of Cyver Core, with or without workarounds. 5 Hours (Service Hours/Special Service Hours) Service Desk, Telephone, Email
30 A non-material Failure within Cyver Core, with non-material consequences for the subscriber, and to which an immediate response from Cyver is not required. 8 Hours (Service Hours) Service Desk, Telephone, Email
40 Questions and requests for information regarding the use or implementation of Cyver Core by the Subscriber, its employees, or its customers. 2 Business Days (Service Hours) Service Desk, Telephone, Email


All support is provided from Cyver. In some special circumstances, Cyver may be able to offer on-location support to the Subscriber, but this must be arranged in separate mutual consultation, and for an additional, applicable fee to the Subscriber. 

The Notification category is determined by Cyver on the basis of the Subscriber’s Report, supplemented with any own findings. 


Filing a Report 

Reports in Category 10, 20, 30, and 40 may be reported via the Service Desk, by Telephone, or by Email. Reports in Category 10 must be reported via email ([email protected]) or via telephone, as quickly as possible after the Subscriber notices the issue. 

Reports may be filed at any time during the day, in or outside of Service Hours:

Reports must include at least the following information: 

  • Subscriber Number 
  • Name of the Contract Owner 
  • A detailed description of the Fault 

During Service Hours, Cyver will send reporting parties hourly updates regarding Category 10 reports. 

 The Subscriber agrees to consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Cyver website before contacting the Service Desk 

Cyver is not liable for the incorrect, incomplete, or delayed send or receipt of a Report by the Subscriber, whether or not caused by the (full) functioning of telecom services and equipment from third parties and/or the Subscriber. 



Cyver Core strives to maintain an availability of at least 99.6% on average, during Service Hours. Availability entails that the Subscriber can log into the Cyver Core Services and Properties, which is measured from the Cyver Core server. The achieved availability is calculated as follows: 

  • Uptime is the time that Cyver Core is available 
  • Downtime is the time that Cyver Core is not available 
  • Planned Maintenance, necessary additional maintenance, and circumstances beyond the control of Cyver Core do not count as downtime and are not included when determining Uptime. 
  • Availability is calculated as (Uptime + Downtime) 

Cyver Core availability is measured every 3 (three) minutes from at least 6 (six) global locations. The most recent availability statistic can be requested via the login screen on Cyver Core. The specified value reflects the minimum availability for cumulative values of all measurements taken, worldwide. Barring proof to the contrary, the availability and service level data as measured by Cyver Core will count as complete proof. 


Data Traffic 

Cyver will strive to maintain the speed of data traffic to and from Cyver Core at such a level that Subscribers can use the Properties and Service in an acceptable manner during Service Hours. 

The following is used as the objective measurement: 

  • The manual retrieval or storage of a two-line voucher in an Environment of average size, via a computer of average usual life, and average maintenance, 
  • This retrieval or storage shall be handled over an Internet connection of average speed. 
  • In Two of Three Test Cases, the measurement should be completed within 1.5 (one and a half) seconds. In the third, the duration should not exceed 2 (two) seconds. If these measurements exceed the maximum standards, the Subscriber should declare this issue, with a log of the measurement used.  

Planned Maintenance 

Cyver will endeavor to communicate all planned maintenance to the Subscriber at least 1 (one) business day before the intended work. These updates will be published on Cyver Core, its social media properties, or communicated via email. 



Cyver is, without prejudice the to provisions of this Article, not responsible or liable for the Faults or the consequences of Faults arising from or related to: 

  • Subscriber usage of Cyver Properties or Services in violation of the applicable conditions or in conflict with the instructions in provided user documentation, or otherwise improper usage of use errors provided by Cyver, including errors in the input of data or the data itself. 
  • Changes in or errors, defects, or imperfections in equipment or software other than the Infrastructure. Cyver accepts no liability for the incorrect configuration of equipment or infrastructure of the Subscriber, malfunctions of the Subscriber’s or third-party telecommunication system, or power infrastructure of third parties. 
  • The unavailability of Cyver Properties or Services during Maintenance, Work, or Scheduled Work 
  • If Cyver is attempting to determine or isolate a problem or malfunction and requires assistance from the Subscriber, but that assistance cannot be met. 
  • Other causes not attributable to Cyver 


Scheduled Maintenance 

Scheduled maintenance includes a weekly update, which is delivered between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM CET (GMT+1). Cyver makes every attempt to reduce the impact of this maintenance on the subscriber, including making an effort to ensure any non-availability does not exceed one (1) hour. However, some Cyver Core services and properties may be offline during this time.



  • Service Hours – Cyver maintains hours between 8:30-17:30 CET (GMT+1) Monday-Friday, with the exception of recognized local (Dutch) public holidays. 
  • Service Window – Our Service Window runs from 0:600 AM to midnight
  • Special Service Hours – All hours outside normal Service Hours 
  • Scheduled Maintenance – Typically between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM CET (GMT+1) 
  • Infrastructure – Hardware, data, and software utilized by Cyver and falling under its responsibility 
  • Report – A Report made by a Subscriber to the Service Desk, during Service Hours 
  • Necessary Extra Maintenance – Maintenance or updates during Service Hours, for which no postponement is possible (e.g., security risks, critical Fault, etc.) 
  • Support – General assistance provided by Cyver via the Service Desk, including explanation of documentation, help with use or implementation of Cyver, and the verification of entered or processed data. Support expressly does not include support for the Subscriber’s external tooling, the full explanation of function or functions when no training has been followed, the provision of onboarding services at the start of a Cyver Core Subscription, the provision of project management or making process definitions. Normal Support is provided during Service Hours. Category 10 Support is provided during Special Service Hours. 
  • Response Time – The time allowable between the reading of a Report and the time within which Cyver begins Support, as confirmed in an oral or written notification to the Subscriber.