Pentest Service Providers

Deliver Pentest-as-a-Service via your cloud portal

Everything you need to deliver automated pentests & scans with minimal manual work


Deliver scheduled, recurring pentests

Integrate recurring pentests into your business model, with a platform to manage clients, reschedule pentests, and deliver vulnerabilities. With metrics, vulnerability dashboards, and automation to help you remind clients when they need a pentest, Cyver Core makes delivering pentest-as-a-service easy.

Report Automation 

Save up to 70% of time on every pentest report

Cyver Core allows you to automatically generate reports from templates, using client data, pentest project data, and imported vulnerabilities. Then, you can collaborate on editing, upgrading, and adding data – and publish to the client when ready.  

Client Collaboration

Deliver cybersecurity consulting for remediation

Cyver Core delivers integrated communication, secure ways to share data, and work traceability. Clients can track remediation, criticality, and risk per vulnerability. Plus, with metrics, alerts when vulnerabilities are left open, and dashboards tracking vulnerabilities per asset, clients have everything they need to improve security. 

Fully White Label 

Your Pentest Portal 

Onboard client teams to your pentest portal with our fully white-label solution. Cyver Core’s portal can be customized with your logos, branding, and images – across dashboards, templates, and reports. Your clients always see your pentest team.  

Cloud Platform

Connecting Stakeholders

Bring digital work management to your pentest flows, synchronizing teams, distributing work, and using digital task-lists to manage work. Then, distribute results with dashboards, digital metrics, and actionable tickets – so the people responsible for ensuring organizational security have the data they need.

What we offer

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Improved customer experience

A work management platform
for pentesters

Deliver fully-secure pentest-as-a-service in the cloud, complete with a responsive UI and integrated support portal. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. It's not Asana or Jira, it's made for pentest professionals.


Deliver reports, dashboards, portal access, and content in a language that makes sense for you and your clients. Cyver Core offers full multi-language support, so your dashboards and content are delivered in ways that work for your business.

Cloud Access

Digitize pentest deliverables with a cloud interface between you and the client. Cyver Core delivers cloud access for you and your end-clients, so pentest management, communication, and deliverables are as accessible as possible.
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Connect Cyver Core to the apps and tools that drive your firm, with full API access. Import data from tools, export tickets to client work platforms, and integrate tooling directly into Cyver Core's process so you get more from our platform.

Responsive UI

Get complete freedom to access, share, and manage data across devices, with a fully responsive UI. Cyver Core adapts to your device, whether you’re accessing findings, uploading files, or generating & viewing reports or dashboards.

Support Portal

Cyver Core is designed to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible and that means having a support portal built in. We offer full documentation, user guides, and end-user guides, so you don’t have to.


Share project details, communication, and findings in a SOC2 compliant environment. Cyver Core encrypts traffic, access, and data storage, with 2-factor authentication for portal logins, to ensure you stay safe. See our security standards.
Case Studies

Download our case studies

See how our clients use Cyver Core for pentest management, report generation, client management, streamlining pentest processes, team management, and more. Download the cases in PDF format to print or share through your organization. 

Download Cyver Core case studies

Any questions?

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What is a Pentest Management Platform?

Pentest Management Platforms like Cyver Core digitize pentest workflows, replacing manual communication and reports with digital workflows. It means real-time results, live communication with clients, and findings as tickets. Plus, we offer automated pentest reporting, complete with integrations for tools like Burp Suite, Nessus, NMap, & more. Our goal is to help pentesters save time (70-85% of time spent on every report), reduce overhead hours for pentest management, and deliver pentest-as-a-service to clients.

How is Cyver Core Secured?

Cyver Core is fully secured, regularly pentested, and regularly backed up. We maintain SOC2 compliant infrastructure, as verified by external auditors. All user data is stored redundantly and automatically backed up inside Microsoft Azure architecture, with fully redundant server architecture and network connectivity. We take security seriously, and you can see a full list of our security practices in our security policy.

Will My Clients See I Use Cyver Core?

No! Cyver Core is fully white label. When you onboard your clients to our platform, they see your branding and brand name. You can also fully customize reports, project templates, and other digital assets. Your clients, your brand, your digital privacy, powered by Cyver Core.

How Does Cyver Core Automate Workflows?

Cyver Core utilizes standardized workflows to automatically progress projects based on pre-defined parameters and settings. You set up project templates and Cyver Core automatically performs workflows inside those, to move the project from one stage to the next, to create Findings tickets from imported data, to notify stakeholders, and to schedule the next pentest. In addition, Cyver Core uses automation and Smart features to auto-fill tickets, to create projects, and to generate reports, so you have to do the minimum manual work possible. Visit our features page to learn more.