A full-service platform to deliver PTaaS in the cloud

  • White-label PTaaS portal 
  • Vulnerability dashboard with insights
  • Findings-as-Tickets 

Deliver your pentests in the cloud with Findings-as-Tickets, integrated vulnerability management, and a client insights dashboard. Cyver Core is everything you need for Pentest-as-a-Service and pentest collaboration.


Less Time Spent Reporting


Better Customer Retention


Higher Customer Satisfaction


Reduction in Repetitive Manual Work

White-Label Client Portal

Onboard clients to your white label portal and digitize your pentest delivery. Cyver Core offers everything your clients need to manage pentests, vulnerabilities, and remediation.


Import vulnerability findings and deliver them to clients as individual tickets, complete with recommendations, proof of finding, and traceability data

Vulnerability Management

Shift the focus to security and hardening environments with vulnerability management to track time-to-fix, finding recurrence, and impacted assets over the long-term.

Pentest Collaboration

Enable clients to request pentests based on project templates, automatically reusing scope and project data so all you have to do is approve the test.

Insights Dashboard

Give clients easy insights into vulnerabilities based on criticality, impacted assets, and reoccurrence to help even non-technical audiences understand results.

Client Collaboration

Simplify client management and reduce overhead with all your client data in one place. No more email or Excel, just one portal with all your client data and communication.

Centralized Communication

Communicate with your client in the portal, where you can see project history, open findings, team members, and other relevant data all in one place.

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Pentest Scheduling

Set up custom pentest schedules with recurring pentestsfor clients. Or enable clients to request pentests whenever they need one to align with developemnt or other schedules.

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Custom Projects

Build pentest project templates and reports per client and link them to the client account, so your clients can automatically schedule and request pentests.

Asset Management

Clients upload their assets complete with access data and other relevant information, so you can automatically add everything to projects and pentests.

Findings Management

Share vulnerability findings in the cloud, as tickets, so stakeholders can review, track, and remediate vulnerabilities now and over the long-term.

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Your Vulnerability Library

Build your vulnerability library and automatically import data when you upload findings from tooling, so you save time adding descriptions on every vulnerability.

Merge Findings

Merge finding instances across assets and projects so you can use all your tooling without duplications and ensure clients can always see finding recurrences.

Generate Reports

Generate reports at the click of a button, complete with all the data your clients need for finance and C-suite application – without spending hours on the report.

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Long-Term Traceability

Track findings over the long term, when they recur, occur in different parts of the application, or remain open from the previous pentest so clients can manage risks.

Pentest Collaboration

Collaborate on cybersecurity, pentest setup, remediation, and checking fixes to ensure your clients have everything they need to harden environments.

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Full Transparency

Leverage checklists for frameworks like PCI-DSS, OWASP 10, or ISO 2700 to automatically add tasks for testers and offer transparency into what’s being checked and why.

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Onboard Stakeholders

Onboard relevant people to receive notifications, access results, & collaborate across project setup, scoping, and remediation, with roles & access set up by project template.

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Direct Communication

Developers can ask questions, share information, and directly talk to their pentesters via the finding ticket, so you can collaborate on client security.

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Integrate Your Workflows

Use our out-of-the-box workflows for compliance frameworks or build your own to automatically create stages to organize work and tasks for you and your clients.

 Case Study

Using Cyver Core for Pentest-as-a-Service

Learn more about how pentest firms use Cyver Core to deliver pentest-as-a-service, deliver findings as tickets instead of reports, and have full client management in the cloud portal.

Download Cyver Core case studies

Everything to deliver pentest-as-a-service

“Cyver Core makes it possible to run pentests at this volume, we’d be a lot slower without it. On average, we’d be 3-4 days slower. You should see our reports, they’re beautiful, they’re curated, they have graphics and risk tables – and we spend less than 30 minutes on them.” 

Founder & CEO, Hedgehog Security

Peter Bassill

Any questions?

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What is a Pentest Management Platform?

Pentest Management Platforms like Cyver Core digitize pentest workflows, replacing manual communication and reports with digital workflows. It means real-time results, live communication with clients, and findings as tickets. Plus, we offer automated pentest reporting, complete with integrations for tools like Burp Suite, Nessus, NMap, & more. Our goal is to help pentesters save time (70-85% of time spent on every report), reduce overhead hours for pentest management, and deliver pentest-as-a-service to clients.

How is Cyver Core Secured?

Cyver Core is fully secured, regularly pentested, and regularly backed up. We maintain SOC2 compliant infrastructure, as verified by external auditors. All user data is stored redundantly and automatically backed up inside Microsoft Azure architecture, with fully redundant server architecture and network connectivity. We take security seriously, and you can see a full list of our security practices in our security policy.

Will My Clients See I Use Cyver Core?

No! Cyver Core is fully white label. When you onboard your clients to our platform, they see your branding and brand name. You can also fully customize reports, project templates, and other digital assets. Your clients, your brand, your digital privacy, powered by Cyver Core.

How Does Cyver Core Automate Workflows?

Cyver Core utilizes standardized workflows to automatically progress projects based on pre-defined parameters and settings. You set up project templates and Cyver Core automatically performs workflows inside those, to move the project from one stage to the next, to create Findings tickets from imported data, to notify stakeholders, and to schedule the next pentest. In addition, Cyver Core uses automation and Smart features to auto-fill tickets, to create projects, and to generate reports, so you have to do the minimum manual work possible. Visit our features page to learn more.