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Our customers love Cyver Core! Here’s what they have to say. Here’s what they have to say. Our customers love Cyver Core!

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“It’s really nice to see how quickly the Cyver team listens to feedback and takes up issues. I’m really looking forward to what Cyver brings in the future and what future improvements are made – I’d like to keep using it.”

Cyber Security Analyst, SpotIT

Keanu Nys


Fast and Simple Onboarding

It’s simple to get started with Cyver Core. Our team will assist you with setup so you’ll be using Cyver Core in no time.

Setup Report Templates

Cyver Core makes customizing pentest report templates easy, but we’re here to help you get started. Our team will help convert your existing Word/PDF sample report into Cyver Core’s Report Template System which you can further customize per client, pentest, or compliance control.

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Customize Portal

We’ll help you set up your custom domain, portal colors, email settings, etc. Plus, we’ll walk you through configuration settings, so you can get started delivering pentests to clients in your portal, with your brand, look, and feel. 

Pentest Workflows

Cyver Core offers out-of-the-box configurations and workflows including Checklists for OWASP OTG, ASVS, etc,) and Compliance Norms (OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, etc.). Our team will help you set up those options and upload custom configurations so you can get started hassle-free. 

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