Everything to plan, structure and report on Red Team exercises

  • Custom report generation for red and purple teams
  • MITRE Attack and Cyber Kill Chain workflows
  • One portal for red and blue teams

Structure your red and purple team exercises with work and team management, role management, findings management, and streamlined reporting.  


Less Time Spent Reporting


Better Customer Retention


Higher Customer Satisfaction


Reduction in Repetitive Manual Work

Red Team Workflows

Set up workflows and checklists to streamline red teaming exercises. Assign teams, use roles to set up purple teaming, and offer clients transparency and quality assurance with checklists and reviewed work.  

Cyber Kill Chain Workflows

Integrated workflows like Cyber Kill Chain and MITRE Attack to automatically set up steps from reconnaissance to exploitation around your goals.

MITRE Attack Framework

With the MITRE Attack Framework built in, you get reporting, vulnerability prioritization, and project goals automatically aligned to your needs.
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Attack Scenario & Runbooks

Set task lists and project goals with checklists based on the MITRE Attack Framework or Cyber Kill  Chain to set project goals and steps before you get started.

Team & Role Management

Add team members, assign roles, and run red or purple team exercises with access-based control, automatic task assignment, and work review functionality. 

Integrate Your Toolkit

Integrate your scanners, recon, and OSINT toolkit directly into Cyver Core with easy import/export tools and custom API connections. Cyver Core brings your toolkit together into a unified portal. 

Integrated Support

Cyver integrates your toolkit for faster and smoother imports. Or export to XML and simply upload your findings from any tool. Don’t see yours? Ask! We’re constantly adding to our library.
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Import Findings

Import findings directly from tools like Burp, Nessus, NMap, and other scanners using XML or one of our integrations. Then, add descriptions, methodology, and more from your library. 

Auto-Fill Data

Automatically add data like descriptions and methodology from your library and the MITRE Attack Framework to save time on every finding and then simply review it before sharing to the client. 


Build custom tool interactions with our API – whether to integrate custom scanner actions, to enable automatic scans, or to automatically upload scan results to your red team project. 

Findings Management 

Writing, sharing, re-using, and managing findings has never been easier. Cyver Core offers centralized findings management with tools to copy, share to client, and add in-depth descriptions and methodology.

Findings Library

Build your findings library complete with descriptions, MITRE Attack Framework methodology, and reccomendations to fix – and then re-use and edit per client.

Merge Findings

Easily merge findings across projects, assets, and your library to share data, merge results from different tools, and merge findings found on multiple assets.

Label Findings

Use labels to map findings to your kill chain or attack narrative and generate reports with findings organized under each step and scenario of your framework. 

Client Portal

Share findings as tickets, allow clients collaboration, and deliver insights like finding recurrence tables, findings management, and more in our white-label portal.

Red Team Reporting 

Use labels and workflows to organize work based on methodology like Cyber Kill Chain, and then automatically add your full scenarios to the report to save up to 60% of manual work.
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Report Templates

Our base template is built around the MITRE Attack and Cyber Kill Chain with findings, attack methodology, and recommendations imported from your tooling.

Your Narrative

Build your attack narrative with custom sections and automatically import data with tokens so you can quickly generate a report that exactly suits your needs.
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Full Customization

Have complete control over branding, look and feel, and more, with a responsive editor, formatting tokens, and dozens of custom tables and charts.  

More Than a Report

Deliver more with an interactive insights dashboard giving clients a real-time view into findings, time-to-fix, and more, with tickets they can export to their own tooling.
 Case Study

Using Cyver Core for Red Team and Pentest Reporting

Download our case study on one firm using Cyver Core to report on red teaming, pentesting, and security assessments. We’ve also introduced new features specifically for red teaming, like support for the MITRE Framework and Cyber Kill Chain, ensuring Cyver Core is an even better fit for red teaming exercises.

Download Cyver Core case studies

Everything to report and manage red team exercises

“It’s really nice to see how quickly the Cyver team listens to feedback and takes up issues. I’m really looking forward to what Cyver brings in the future and what future improvements are made – I’d like to keep using it.”

Cyber Security Analyst

Keanu Nys

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What is a Pentest Management Platform?

Pentest Management Platforms like Cyver Core digitize pentest workflows, replacing manual communication and reports with digital workflows. It means real-time results, live communication with clients, and findings as tickets. Plus, we offer automated pentest reporting, complete with integrations for tools like Burp Suite, Nessus, NMap, & more. Our goal is to help pentesters save time (70-85% of time spent on every report), reduce overhead hours for pentest management, and deliver pentest-as-a-service to clients.

How is Cyver Core Secured?

Cyver Core is fully secured, regularly pentested, and regularly backed up. We maintain SOC2 compliant infrastructure, as verified by external auditors. All user data is stored redundantly and automatically backed up inside Microsoft Azure architecture, with fully redundant server architecture and network connectivity. We take security seriously, and you can see a full list of our security practices in our security policy.

Will My Clients See I Use Cyver Core?

No! Cyver Core is fully white label. When you onboard your clients to our platform, they see your branding and brand name. You can also fully customize reports, project templates, and other digital assets. Your clients, your brand, your digital privacy, powered by Cyver Core.

How Does Cyver Core Automate Workflows?

Cyver Core utilizes standardized workflows to automatically progress projects based on pre-defined parameters and settings. You set up project templates and Cyver Core automatically performs workflows inside those, to move the project from one stage to the next, to create Findings tickets from imported data, to notify stakeholders, and to schedule the next pentest. In addition, Cyver Core uses automation and Smart features to auto-fill tickets, to create projects, and to generate reports, so you have to do the minimum manual work possible. Visit our features page to learn more.