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Our customers love Cyver Core! Here’s what they have to say

“We’ve seen a lot of improvement in the traditional pentesting process, and we have more communication and improved transparency in the process. We can share pentest reports and findings more clearly – all of that has made a difference”.
Founder, Hacksclusive

Martijn Baalman

“It’s not just clients who benefit from us using Cyver Core, it’s our consultants as well. We’ve reduced overhead and manual work. Time to report and do quality assurance is a fraction of what it used to be. That means our people can spend more time hacking and less time doing the mind-numbing work that is report writing. We went from spending about 8 hours to write plus four hours on quality assurance down to about two hours total.”

Cyber Security Analyst, Georgia USA


“Cyver Core makes it possible to run pentests at this volume, we’d be a lot slower without it. On average, we’d be 3-4 days slower. You should see our reports, they’re beautiful, they’re curated, they have graphics and risk tables – and we spend less than 30 minutes on them.” 

Founder & CEO, Hedgehog Security

Peter Bassill

“Cyver Core adds a layer of automation like findings uploads to real-time collaboration, so I can easily scale pentesting to the client”

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Ethical Hacker

Steven Hiltrop

“We’ve had a lot of conversations with the Cyver Core team and each time, you’ve been quite reactive, you’ve improved issues every time we talked.”

Ethical Hacker, Belgium


“It’s really nice to see how quickly the Cyver team listens to feedback and takes up issues. I’m really looking forward to what Cyver brings in the future and what future improvements are made – I’d like to keep using it.”
Cyber Security Analyst, SpotIT

Keanu Nys

Cyver Core optimizes the full pentest cycle from testing to onboarding clients to ingesting and categorizing test data more quickly than I could do manually – while giving me a great platform to manage vulnerabilities, interact with clients, and present reports

CEO, Realize Security

Richard Curteis

“I was able to demonstrate the portal and the PDF report to the client. They were astounded by the portal’s functionalities and the report’s quality. Moreover, they found it extremely useful for working alongside their developer to address the issues. Therefore, I would like to extend my congratulations to you and your team for your outstanding work!”

Founder & CTO, Asperis Security

Carlos Flores