Start to Finish Onboarding with Asperis Security

“Cyver Core will be instrumental in offering PTaaS to our clients. The onboarding experience definitely helped us set off in the right direction” 

Asperis Security is a cybersecurity firm that launched in October of 2022. The firm specializes in pentesting, aiming to help businesses identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. The firm services a diverse range of organizations, from startups to educational organizations, across industries including finance, healthcare, and technology. Despite being new to the market, Asperis is already serving numerous clients, helping to ensure their digital safety. 

We talked to Asperis, including Carlos Flores, co-founder & CTO at Asperis Security to discuss the firm’s onboarding with Cyver Core and how they got started using our pentest management platform. 

Asperis Security: 

Asperis Security is a fast-growing pentest firm with:

  • Projects on Cyver Core: 9
  • Plan: Professional
  • Location: Barcelona 
  • Rates Cyver Core: 9 out of 10 
  • Started: March 2023 

Choosing Cyver Core

“We were looking to streamline our pentest processes, improve communication and transparency with our clients, and enhance our reporting capabilities” says Carlos, “We also wanted a more unified platform to manage our pentesting activities”. 

The team compared a few alternatives to Cyver Core, eventually deciding that our platform best met their needs. 

“After a thorough evaluation, we found Cyver Core to be the most comprehensive and fitting solution for our needs” 

“The deciding factors were Cyver Core’s robust feature-set, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer service. The fact that it was designed specifically for pentesting also played a significant role in the choice, as did the close help of Mike and Luis.” 

Onboarding with Cyver Core 

Asperis Security started their contract in May of 2023, and completed onboarding in less than one week.
“The onboarding experience was smooth and efficient, the Cyver Core team was extremely supportive and ensured a seamless transition for our team” says Carlos, “there were some minor challenges related to integrating our existing workflows into the new platform. We also had to translate the platform into Spanish. But, of course, the Cyver Core support team was proactive in helping us navigate those issues.”

After a week of onboarding support, Asperis Security is confidently using most of Cyver Core’s features and running pentests on the platform. 

“We’re currently using most of the features and they’re working well for us. Of course, we still have a few things to explore and might ask for help with those in the future. We’ve also already completed a few projects on the platform already and have several others in progress.” 

That feature set includes the client portal, project management, team management, report generation, and the vulnerability library. Asperis Security is also using the platform to deliver PTaaS, meaning that client onboarding and integration into the portal is a critical part of their service. 

“We also already onboarded all of our clients and they’re actively using the portal. They appreciate the transparency, and the real time updates the platform provides.” 

“Overall, the onboarding experience was good. However, if I could change one thing, I’d ask for more detailed documentation on the more complex features. That would speed up our process of understanding and implementing them.” 

Moving Forward 

Asperis is just beginning their journey on Cyver Core, so we look forward to the team using the platform to deliver and manage pentests as they grow their firm. 

“We plan to use Cyver Core as a central hub for our pentesting activities. The platform will be instrumental in our offering Pentest-as-a-Service to our clients. And the onboarding experience definitely helped us set off in the right direction”

“I was astonished with the support from Luis and Mike, but we always strive for more improvement, and I look forward to that in Cyver Core.”