Case Study with CyberInsight

“We’ve definitely had instances where a client decided to go with CyberInsight and not with a competitor because we had the Cyver portal.”

CyberInsight is a cybersecurity firm delivering a range of services to clients in its home country of South Africa plus in Europe. The company launched in 2020 and has since tripled its pentest team and continues to grow, doubling its turnover year-over-year. CyberInsight also onboarded to Cyver Core fairly early, just a year after launch, and has now been with us for three years. 

We interviewed Theodor Craggs, co-founder and director at CyberInsight about using Cyver Core


CyberInsight is a fast-growing cybersecurity firm offering web app and network pentests to clients across the globe:

  • Projects on Cyver Core: 35+
  • Plan: 
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Rates Cyver Core: 9 out of 10 
  • Started: 2021

In Search of a Uniform Customer Experience (And Faster Reporting)

“Specifically, I wanted to ensure that we were delivering a consistent product to our clients, no matter how big the team grew,” said Theodor, “We also wanted to streamline the pentest reporting process, which is why we also initially looked at Dradis. However, Dradis only solved part of the problem, which is why we eventually went with Cyver Core. We want to ensure that no matter how big our team is, we provide a consistent experience to the client, and Cyver Core enables that.” 

Joining Cyver’s Pentest Partner Program 

CyberInsight also works with Cyver to deliver pentets to Cyver clients via our Pentest Partner program. Here, we match our clients to a pentest firm in our network offering relevant skills and expertise. 

“We’ve been using the Cyver Core platform for a while now, but I imagine that to someone who hasn’t used the platform before and then started using it to service one of Cyver’s clients, it would be a massive improvement for them. The same sort of improvement we experienced when we started onboarding to the platform. The experience is very very good.” 

Onboarding with Cyver Core 

CyberInsight onboarded with Cyver Core in 2021. Today, they’re all set up and running pentests for 14+ clients in a given year. 

“The onboarding experience was really good,” says Theodor, “I did really appreciate assistance setting up our reports. I was busy with pentesting, so I didn’t’ have time to set up the new system, it was amazing that that was all set up and ready for me to start using.”

Delivering Pentests in the Cyver Core Portal  

CyberInsight has run 35+ pentests on Cyver Core with many more in the pipeline: 

“We also onboarded all of our clients and mostly have nothing but extremely positive feedback. Of course, some clients wanted specific details like page numbers on the reports or other similar requests, but overall, it went very smoothly. “ 

“Our clients love the portal, all of them love it, and they use it all the time.” adds Theodor, “We also use it as part of our proposals. We log into a demo account and take prospects through that to show them how vulnerabilities are delivered, how they can request retesting, etc., – we always get extremely good feedback. I’d say our clients are the only people who like the portal more than we do”. 

Cyber Insights clients also use the Cyver Core portal for vulnerability management and as part of the audit process, because it’s easy to show found vulnerabilities and remediation in the portal.

How has the Cyver Core Portal Helped? 

CyberInsight can strongly say that, yes, Cyver Core met all its initial goals. 

“Cyver Core saves us a LOT of time with report generation. The same work that used to take days now takes a few hours. We still edit reports a lot after we generate them, usually going through 3-4 rounds of edits to make sure all the details are right and everything is specific to the client, but the amount of time we save adds a lot of value.” 

“Of course, before that I was drafting reports in Word, it was terrible. I think saving time on reporting was the biggest part of choosing Cyver Core. It helped me streamline the business and gave me more time to focus on other things.”

“When we started using Cyver Core, I was the only Pentester. Of course, we have other branches of the business as well. But now we have three pentesters and some remote and freelance work. Having the central database with assets and our methodology all in one place is extremely valuable, it’s almost like having a CRM system – it’s extremely valuable.”

“The portal also means we’re able to deliver to clients using the same process and at the same quality every time. That’s been great as the team has grown.”

Cyver Core has also added value in other ways: 

“The fact that we use Cyver Core in our proposal, which includes how we deliver and report in the platform, I think that has a big impact on new clients. We’ve definitely had instances where a client decided to go with CyberInsight and not with a competitor because we had that Cyver portal.” 

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