On November 1 and 2, Cyver Core was at CyberSec Netherlands in the Royal Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This cybersecurity event was attended by over 2,100 industry experts from the Netherlands and other countries. Cyver was proud to be present, to share our vision for the future of cybersecurity assessments, and to meet the experts and trend-makers in our industry. 

“Cyver Core is an online company, we are full-remote and in the cloud, and our team collaborates via video calls, chat, and online tooling. We only get together a few times to see each other in person. Our prospects have been the same – online demos and calls with online support desks.” says Cyver Core CEO, Luis Abreu, “So, joining an event and getting to meet so many of our clients face-to-face was such a great step. We’re proud to have been present and pitching our vision for cybersecurity from the stage – and thank you to everyone who came out to see our presentations”. 

“Getting to meet pentesters who haven’t interacted with Cyver Core before was also a great experience” he adds, “We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback, the questions, and the general interest in our platform – and it was such as great way to validate our vision and to share feedback”. 

Cyver Core also delivered presentations on each day of the fair. Our topic, “Becoming a PTaaS Ninja for Pentest-Service Providers”, covered our vision on the future of the Pentest industry where digital and recurring delivery become the norm – with features like vulnerability findings as tickets, integration into work tooling, and ongoing vulnerability management. Both presentations were delivered by CEO Luis Gomes de Abreu with rounds of questions after. 

“The positive feedback on our presentations was really great to get in person,” says Luis, “We see more and more cybersecurity companies interested in joining us on the PTaaS journey. Many are still wondering how it works, if their customers need it, etc., and getting to touch base and connect in real life was a great way to answer those questions and to offer insight into how our client’s customers react to the product.” 

“It was great to see what other people in the industry were doing – it was great to connect with experts, to see the new trends in cybersecurity, and to validate our message and vision. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us – and we hope to see you again sometime soon.”