Pentest-as-a-Service is a pentest delivery model focused on using automation and recurring relationships with clients to reduce costs, improve cybersecurity, and shift the focus of a pentest towards remediating and resolving vulnerabilities. That delivery model offers significant benefits to clients requesting pentests. However, it also offers significant benefits to the pentest teams and using it as a delivery model. 

Cyver Core is a pentest management platform, enabling pentest-as-a-service. Our white-label platform makes it easy for pentesters to onboard client teams, deliver vulnerability findings as tickets, and integrate on-demand pentesting services – which clients can request at the click of a button. The following include benefits our clients see after using the platform. 

Reduced Overhead 

Most pentest teams spend a significant amount of time on project setup. Whether that’s setting scope, kickoff meetings, or collecting necessary data to run a project doesn’t matter. You repeat those processes again and again for every project. 

With pentest-as-a-service, the goal is to retain clients over the longer-term, meaning that you pentest the same assets and environments. In each case, you set up a project template once. Then, when the client requests the pentest again, the data is already there. Of course, that can be updated on a case-by-case basis to include new data, such as password changes, new domains, etc. 

For example, with Cyver Core’s project template function, you can set up a basic template for the client, including testing norms, project scope, data, involved teams, client teams, etc. Data in the template will automatically import each time you set up a new pentest project using that template – meaning you can save hours on overhead for every single project. 

Integrated Client Management 

Pentest-as-a-Service also involves integrated client management. When you onboard a new client into your pentest management software, you link everything you need for that client. Then, you can see clients, their upcoming pentests, the last time they had a pentest, contact people, and other data all in one place. 

That can save considerable time over managing the same clients in email or Excel, because pentest management platforms like Cyver Core update dynamically. When the client changes team lead, that automatically updates in your system. And, Cyver Core automatically reminds you when it’s time to invite the client for another pentest based on their settings and preferences in the application. 

Better Integration into Client Teams 

Helping clients stay secure often means delivering significant consultation and advice to the people fixing vulnerabilities. With pentest-as-a-service, you develop ongoing relationships with developers and work to become part of the developer process. Plus, with pentest tools like Cyver Core, pentesters can directly talk to developers – answering questions, offering advice, and expanding on recommendations where necessary. 

That can mean pentests are better integrated into the client’s teams and workflow, so you can do a better job at securing the client. 

Professional and Branded Deliverables 

Pentest management platforms use automation to generate project briefs, scope data, emails, and even pentest reports. In addition, platforms like Cyver Core use templates, vulnerability libraries, and checklists. That makes it easy to generate reports and other deliverables that look and feel the same across pentests – no matter which member of your team is working on them. 

That’s also true for the platform itself, which is white label for most plans. You add your logo, colors, and domain name, and clients see Cyver Core’s portal as your portal. That makes it extremely easy to deliver a professional look and feel, even if your company is just getting started. 

Improved Client Relationships

Pentest management and pentest-as-a-service allow you to build ongoing relationships with clients, delivering on-demand testing, scheduled and repeated pentests, and better integration into client teams. Pentest management and automation also mean you use checklists and task lists to ensure quality remains the same, can add value with findings as tickets, and can directly communicate with developers and compliance officers. All of that will improve the client experience, helping them to stay secure, to improve time-to-fix, and to make pentests an integrated part of the development process. 

Eventually, pentest-as-a-service is a delivery model that allows you to offer more to clients without really doing more as a company. While that delivery model isn’t right for every pentest firm or client, it can help you to improve client relationships, build your revenue model, and reduce time your people spend on overhead and management. 

If you’d like to know more, schedule a demo to learn more about Cyver Core and how we help you deliver pentest-as-a-service.