Your vulnerability library and the writeups and descriptions in it are one of the most valuable resources for your pentest firm. That’s true whether you’re doing streamlined web app pentests or more complex red teaming. You need quality write ups for all of your common findings, so you can quickly add them to your findings to deliver a high-quality report to the client. 

With Cyver Core, you can save those write ups and other pre-canned content in the platform, to automatically add it to your finding imports based on name. However, until now, those fields and forms were static, with set descriptions and items – and your only options were to choose what to display or not. 

Now, that’s all changed. With Custom Finding Fields, you can add custom fields to every finding template, giving you freedom to add as much custom content as you want. 

That includes: 

  • Dropdowns
  • Text blocks
  • Multi-text fields
Cyver Core Feature Highlight: Custom Findings Fields 

You can use this to add custom descriptions, to include methodology, scoring system, categories, tools, evidence, custom exploitation procedures, and anything else you want to incorporate into the finding template, even if it’s a custom adaption for your or the client’s standards and methodologies. And, of course, you can manually reorganize those descriptions and display or not display them per instance of the finding to have a completely custom finding report. 

The more complex your petesting process, the more complex your reporting process is. That’s why Cyver Core offers full support for customization, including custom findings fields. 

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