The pentest report is an import deliverable for most pentesters. That’s true whether you’re doing traditional pentesting, red teaming, purple teaming, or vulnerability assessments.  Many clients still want the PDF report – even alongside a portal and findings as tickets. 

Cyver has offered a report editor since we introduced our PDF report function. Here, you use the pentest report template as a baseline to automatically import all of your findings, add data and charts, and add sections based on the type of pentest you’re doing. From there, you open the editor where you can modify that report including descriptions, summaries, and tables. 

Previously, that was all handled with markdown, which you had to write in yourself. Now, our editor is simplified with an intuitive interface to allow you to simply select formatting to automatically apply markdown to the text. 

This includes:

  • Heading selection 
  • Basic text formatting 
  • Code insertion 
  • Report token selection menu 
  • Page formatting 
  • Lists and bullets
  • Simple image insertion 
  • Attachments
  • Custom tables 

And, of course, if you still want to use markdown, you can still edit that way as well. 

Cyver Core’s new pentest report editor offers a streamlined report editing process, so you can more quickly tweak and customize your automatically generated reports to look and feel exactly the way you want. 

Our report updates also include new basic report templates for vulnerability assessments and for red teaming. You can use these out of the box or edit the templates to add your own branding, graphics, and sections. 

Log in to check out our new editor now or request a demo to see it in action.