Cyver Core’s approach to pentest reporting and delivery shifts the focus away from using a pentest report and towards delivering vulnerabilities as tickets. At the same time, many of our users still deliver a full PDF report to clients for compliance reasons and for teams that still require a legacy process of receiving a report. Our aim in the platform is to keep pentest reporting as automated as possible – meaning you should be able to create a pentest report template and then generate your final report in a few minutes by clicking a button.

The Cyver Core portal pulls data together from across the platform – adding client data, project data (Scope, methodology, etc.) and your vulnerability findings, mapped to any relevant compliance or pentest frameworks – so you can generate a beautiful report at the click of the button. 

That requires having the features and customization options you need to create a pentest report template that meets your needs. For that reason, Cyver recently introduced new improvements and features to the report.

New Tokens 

Cyver Core’s automated reporting uses tokens to pull data from the rest of the platform. We recently introduced 5 new tokens to allow you to better choose what data to share. 

New Tokens: 

  • Custom Language Tokens – Customize language in the report using language-specific tokens
  • Pie Chart Per Label – Generate a pie chart per label
  • Findings Details Settings – New settings for findings details token 
  • Findings Grid Token – Insert a grid with vulnerability recommendations 
  • Findings Grid by Severity – Insert a grid with vulnerabilities by finding and severity 

See the full tokens list here. 

The updates also include new ways to customize the report. For example, you can now hide the vulnerability finding codes in the report. You can also edit the Table of Contents after generating the report. And, we’ve officially introduced auto-save, so edits are saved every 10 seconds. 

These updates should allow you to further improve how you automate report generation with Cyver Core. 

If you’d like to see Cyver Core’s report generation feature, contact us for a demo.