Good project management is crucial to managing workloads, maintaining schedules, and in having oversight of your pentest pipeline, workflow, and revenue. That’s why Cyver Core now offers Kanban boards to manage, organize, and delegate work inside the platform. Our integrated Kanban board uses existing project data to organize pentests by project stage, with filtering by client.  

Kanban boards are available in addition to our existing “Timeline” project view, mapping projects by due-date and scheduled date.  

To access Board View:  

  1. Open the Cyver Core Portal  
  2. Click “ Pentests” in the side bar menu  
  3. Select Boards  
  4. Filter by client if desired 

Kanban Boards allow you to:  

  • See who’s responsible. Assigned pentesters and teams show up on the card, so you can see ownership at-a-glance 
  • See and manage pentest stage – Drag and drop pentests to a new column as you update them to automatically update the Pentest Workflow  
  • Full oversight of how much work is being done at once  
  • A view of upcoming (next stage) work  
  • An at-a-glance view of what workloads people are taking on  
  • Filter to see active, pending (pipeline), or closed pentests  

If you want to go back to seeing Pentests based on scheduled date, click “Timeline” in the top menu.  

Kanban boards allow you to organize work in ways that make sense, to get at-a-glance views of pending work, and to see where your projects are at any given moment. This makes it easier to manage workloads, to see what your pipeline looks like, and to manage different stages in work as it progresses.