Cyver Core’s automated pentest reporting tooling delivers pentest report generation, findings mapping, and findings as tickets, inside our cloud platform. Our tooling is built around the needs of pentesters moving to the cloud, with features to digitize and automate manual, repetitive tasks like reporting. Our platform also adds value by mapping vulnerability findings to compliance frameworks and controls, so you can automatically generate highly detailed reports with data relevant to the client’s situation and needs. 

Cyver Core is a pentest management platform intended to manage pentests and deliver Pentest-as-a-Service to clients. That means everything from pentest creation to client communication is handled inside the platform. This eventually creates opportunities for better, smarter, and more intuitive pentest report automation. 

Benefits of Using a Pentest Management Platform for Reports  

This means you get much more than a simple automated pentest reporting tool. You get complete pentest and client management, with pentest templates, a findings library with long-term management, reusable checklists for methodology, and out-of-the-box compliance controls for common frameworks. This means that when you do generate a report, you already have everything for the report in one place. Your pentest reports are fully automated, because the tool just has to pull data you’re already using.

Findings as Tickets – Cyver Core enables Pentest-as-a-Service with real-time findings-as-tickets and built-in client collaboration. Developers and IT can log into the platform, receive alerts when findings are published, and immediately roll findings into sprints. This allows the client to remediate faster, reducing time-to-fix, and improving overall client security and satisfaction. 

Client Management – Client management, including people, organizations, and assets, means generating a report is easy. Cyver Core links assets to pentests and clients, with report templates to set scope, duration, and size of the test. Then, when you generate a report, all that data is automatically pulled in using tokens. 

Threat Dashboards – Pentest reports remain necessary, but they offer little data to non-technical stakeholders. Threat dashboards add value on top of the report with findings management, CVE profiles, and threat assessment scoring across assets so clients can see, at-a-glance, where vulnerabilities lie. 

Essentially, a pentest management platform means you get much more than standard reports. Instead, you can deliver complete Pentest-as-a-Service to add value for the customer while simplifying your own processes. 

Cyver Core’s Pentest Report Automation Features  

Cyver Core delivers built-in findings management and a findings library, pentest management, methodology, and compliance controls. These all come together in the report. 

Automated Imports – Import findings from Nessus, Burp, NMap, and others using XML or CSV. Cyver Core automatically imports findings to create compressive tickets, complete with finding information we might already have in our database. Findings are each editable, customizable, and are mapped to specific assets and instances for complete visibility. A complete Findings Library also means you’ll never have to handle writeups for the same finding twice, even if it’s found in multiple pentests over time. 

Map Findings to Controls – Link report templates to compliance controls like ISO 27001 to automatically map findings to those controls. This allows you to quickly deliver highly customized reports for specific audits, without investing real additional time into the report. 

Report Templates – Cyver Core’s fully customizable report templates use CSS and Markdown. Here, you can add sections, add Tokens to link platform data like Findings, Pentest Templates, Methodology, Compliance Controls, etc. Report templates can be edited before or after generating the report. You can also always change templates after generating the report. 

One Click Report Generation – If you’ve set a pentest up inside Cyver Core, onboarded clients, linked methodology, and uploaded findings, generating a report is as simple as one click. Once you do, you can edit, update, re generate, and eventually share the report to the client. 

Cyver Core is a pentest management platform delivering report automation tooling. If you’re interested, visit Features to learn more, or request a demo now to see it first hand.