Pentest-as-a-Service is increasingly in demand by both pentesters and the organizations hiring them. At the same time, not all clients want or need a pentest-as-a-service portal. Moving onto a pentest management platform shouldn’t mean you have to onboard all your clients to that platform. At the same time, it shouldn’t mean splitting up how you deliver pentests or using separate pentest management for clients who want or don’t want the portal.  

That’s why Cyver Core now offers the option to toggle the client portal on or off, per client. You can still create templates, manage assets, and manage work in your cloud portal. Once the report is ready to go, you can publish it and the client will receive an email link where they can click to generate and download a PDF report.  

Per client you can also enable and disable:  

  • API  
  • Jira integration  
  • Insights with options for Risk Summary and Time to Fix  
  • Request Pentest buttons 
  • Asset upload and management  
  • Weekly email summary 

Essentially, you decide which features clients get, on a per-client basis. If your clients prefer having a simple PDF report, you can deliver it, without losing access to Cyver’s automation and management functionality. And, if clients want to add on more Pentest-as-a-Service features over time, you can simply enable them to deliver a more feature-rich portal based on demand.  

If you’d like to know more, schedule a demo to see it in action.