Cyver Core delivers a suite of tools and functionality designed to help you automate pentest reports. With vulnerability and content libraries, pentest report templates, and the ability to use tokens to automatically generate beautiful graphics and charts, our pentest users already save an average of 60% of their time on every pentest report they create. 

Still, for many of our users, custom content creation is the most time-consuming aspect of the report. In November of 2023, we introduced the first iteration of our GenAI report generation tool to resolve that. Now, after more than half a year of testing and improvement, we’re releasing generation 2, our new and improved GenAi Copilot. 

This tool is available for free in the platform, as part of every Cyver Core plan. 

Meet LLeMy! Our GenAI Copilot 

Your human insight and expertise is always where you are going to add value to your clients. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours writing custom content and descriptions, especially for common vulnerabilities and findings. That’s why LLeMy, our GenAI Copilot, can generate that text for you. Push a button, select the level of content you’d like to generate, edit that content or add your own insights and you’re good to go! 

Our GenAI copilot can generate pentest report content for: 

  • High level summaries – Use the content in the report and the pentest project to generate high-level summaries, neatly bringing everything together so you don’t have to. 
  • Technical data – Generate report, project, or finding level content, complete with customizations for the client technology stack. This is ideal for generating vulnerability descriptions, remediation information (even if you don’t know how to remediate the issue yourself) and custom writeups about methodology or the runbook used. 

With the option to generate content at a high level or to go deep into technical data, options to write finding or project level data, and the option to add custom data like the client’s compliance framework or how many times the vulnerability has been found, you can generate custom pentest report content that adds value for your client. Plus, you’ll always have options to edit and add your own insights, so GenAI does the bulk of the manual work and you add the finishing touches. Eventually, that will save you even more time on your pentest reporting process, with our estimates showing you’ll spend from about 80% less time on the report over not having pentest report tooling like Cyver at all. 

Secure and Private

Our GenAI Copilot is hosted on our local Azure OpenAI service. That means your data never leaves our servers so you benefit from increased security. We’re also SOC2 compliant, which includes our AI instance. If you’d like to learn more, check out our page on GenAI or schedule a demo.