Time-to-Solve Metrics are the newest addition to Cyver Core’s suite of “Insights” features in the client portal. These metrics deliver insights into cybersecurity, risk areas, and compliance, which you can offer as a service for your clients.  

Time-to-Solve metrics help clients track open vulnerabilities based on total risk. To achieve this, we plot vulnerability metrics based on the CVE scores and risk evaluation uploaded by Pentesters. The Time-to-Solve chart uses industry benchmarks for ideal Time-to-Solve based on deadlines achieved by top performers in cybersecurity. Once you upload findings to a pentest, Clients can track those vulnerability findings based on:  

  • A) Listed severity  
  • B) How long the vulnerability has been open  
  • C) How much risk that open vulnerability presents.  

How it Works  

Cyver Core uses four severity ratings to offer recommended solve times:  

  • Low – Findings should be solved within 90 days  
  • Medium – Findings should be solved within 45 days  
  • High – Findings should be solved within 15 days  
  • Critical – Findings should be solved within 7 days 

These metrics map to the chart, so clients can see, at-a-glance, when risks associated with lack of remediation become worse. In addition, client teams receive notifications when a finding moves from one category to the next. This makes it easy to keep track of vulnerabilities and creates built-in-reminders to remediate.  

Time-to-Solve Metrics are available with Pentest Engage or higher pentests. All metrics are per-pentest, and can be viewed under the pentest via “Insights”